New project in our folio: Website for a shopping mall

16 Apr
Our client wanted a website for a shopping mall that is easy to use for both shop owners and site visitors.

Following this main ideea, we created a website using Drupal and built it to contain a custom product management system that allows shop owners to manage their shop products themselves. The system also allows store owners to create promotions and events for their shop.

We’ve also implemented an interactive map in order to help users find their favourite shops or brands more easily. Using the interactive map, the users can find the location of their favourite shop and read a short description about it. The visitor can also use the filtering option in the store locator to find specific stores or to search only for stores or restaurants that have ongoing sales.

The website includes a custom, multi-layered, profiling system based on navigation history and user preferences. It’s main purpose is to deliver targeted content to specific users or user groups and to offer them the best experience possible while navigating the website.

You can find out more details about this project here.

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