Importing and synchronizing products into a webshop from a stock management system

18 May
What is a stock management system?

It is a system that encapsulates all aspects of managing a company’s inventories, future stock price forecasting, physical stock, demand forecasting and much more.

How did we use it?

The main purpose of the integration was to manage stock and prices for all the products included in the stock management system. After the client had created all their products inside the management system, our solution imported them with their stock, prices, titles, descriptions and all the other fields that were relevant for the client.
Any change in the stock or prices that takes place in the client's stock management system is deeply integrated in our web shop.
This cuts the maintenance time significantly by updating a product only once.

The synchronization of the stock and prices can be made anytime the client needs it. There is also a schedule option for the synchronization to be made once a day or at any specified time interval. This synchronization strategy also reduces the inconsistencies that may occur, avoiding the situation of having different stock of some products in the management system and webshop.
Because we've created a webshop, the users can place orders from anywhere. But the client also wanted to be able to create orders within the physical shop.
Every time a new order is placed on the webshop, a new order, which needs to be validated by the administrator, is automatically created in the stock management system. 

In the long run, having this kind of system set-up and integrated with your platform reduces the work hours and costs significantly.
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