Titanium Modules You Should Consider Using In Your Next Project

31 Aug
If you're building your next project, there are some already known steps you need to climb. This is a post that can be used after you've had your client talk, contracts made, sketches done, and even the mock-ups created. You're now in the implementation mode with a blank project file staring at you.

Here's a list of modules you should take a look at. It will save you some precious time if you use them:

Here's to the ones who know users are impatient and need a reaction from the app on every action. Even if you just open another window, or need a half a second to send something to your server, add this loading screen. One line to start it and another to stop it. Make it globally and you're golden.

Every app has a navigation in the form of a menu of some sorts. If you use a drawer menu, this one is a no-brainer. Easy implementation, easy use.

Do you remember the time you were image searching on Google icons that suited best your app, resizing them, saving them in your app and then implementing them? Those days are over, with the already famous Font Awesome. Scalable and all in one place. Looking good on all platforms and screen sizes.

Hope these helped in a way or another. Oh and be sure to check the site I kept hyperlinking to. All Titanium modules, now easier to find.
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