Advantages of having your remote team with AG Prime

08 Sep
Hiring technical people can turn out to be quite difficult. Big IT centers face this problem even harder as the demand for personnel is higher than the number of graduates.
We already know that companies in cities like London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and many more find it difficult to group a team of skilled developers to kick off their new project.

Cluj-Napoca is a city with 2 major universities, an engineering university and a theoretical university that both produce a fair amount of highly skilled people each year.
This is one of the motives which led Cluj-Napoca to 3rd place in Forbes Best Cities 2015 from Romania and now Cluj-Napoca has the privilege to be "IT Paradise of Romania" and the power to become "economic capital of Transylvania".
Over 800 young people annually ends majors in computer science , at the undergraduate or master , the two informatics faculties of Cluj-Napoca.
Technical University of Cluj - Napoca ( TUC ) is the largest technical university in Transylvania and one of the best technical universities in Romania (in 2011 it was ranked in Tier A, for research in computer science and Information technology ) .
Babeș-Bolyai University ranks first in the country in terms of quality ( reliability and attractiveness ) educational offer (see study " University Ranking" conducted by the German company Kienbaum Management Consultants in cooperation with Capital magazine in 2009).

6 reasons to make your project with a remote team in Cluj-Napoca:
  • as we told you already, Cluj-Napoca has many good informatics graduate, every year, and good education level of the graduating students
  • the language diversity (Romanian, Hungarian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Serbian) will facilitate your comunication
  • Cluj International Airport has direct flights or connecting flights with most international destinations
  • easy and fast to find the team you need
  • experienced and well trained management
  • very good internet infrastructure
AG Prime is known to organize courses for students and graduates and we constantly bring interns to work and learn the processes along with our developers.
We are providing a seamlessly connection with our customers existing team for over 7 years. We have been working in multi-anual projects, successing each time to deliver high-quality software in time.
Using daily Scrum meeting with all the involved teams (regardless of their location), having common goals and pre-defined demo time-frames makes all teams be aware of their targets and everybody else's involvment in the project.
It is very easy to kick off a new team, we are able to start a team of 5 people within 1-2 months with an annual contract.
Don't feel yet comfortable in setting up a full remote team just yet? Start a pilot project and pay by the hour.
Cluj International Airport has direct flights or connecting flights with most international destinations, so we can be in your office in a matter of hours. Also is very easy to visit your remote team and enjoy a nice stay in the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca.
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