New project in our folio: Digital Citizen - IT&C news portal

28 Sep

Presentation websites are often creative and daring. But most beautiful projects, the proof of our evolution and our passionate work, are the projects that, for our clients, are the business itself : online shops, news portals, tourism agencies , property management , ticketing etc.  Digital Citizen is one such project.
Ciprian Rusen is the founder and author of the most articles from the famous international blog with IT tutorials: Digital Citizen.  
He is also the author of the first book about Windows 8 published by Microsoft Press and the first romanian who published technology books in the US. 
His web portal, formerly known as www.7tutoriale.ro (in romanian) and www.7tutorials.com (in english), is known and accessed by hundreds of people daily from all around the world. This is the only romanian website that provides clear and concise how-to guides and tutorials for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One.
Even the New York Times recommends the tutorials posted on his website. 

We were happy when he proposed us to help him refresh and modernize his web portal.

In order to give him the best solution, we have build a website in Drupal 7 where there is integrated a new responsive style for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).
We focused on the optimization of the website from the point of view of the user interaction. The website is user friendly, the user can select the domains he is interested in, so everytime he visits the website, there will be displayed only the articles from the domains that he had chosen at the registration.    
The website has integrated social media and the user can register using a social network.

Its main functionalities include subscription to the newsletter, social media login and registration, RSS publishing, etc.

For more details about this project please visit our portfolio.
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