Drupal 8 Code Sprint in Cluj-Napoca

08 Oct
This fall AG Prime, other tow companies from Cluj-Napoca and Romanian Drupal Association will be hosting the first Drupal 8 Code Sprint in Cluj-Napoca.

What is a sprint?
A sprint is a get-together of people involved in a project to further a focused development of the project.
Sprints are an important part of Drupal’s growth  and are also a great opportunity to get involved and others are there to help you contribute.
A significant benefit of sprinting is that the project members meet in person, socialize and start to communicate more effectively than when working together remotely.

Why attend?
It's fun - sometimes it is nice to have some camaraderie while working.
It's satisfying - the group can see the progress that was made at the end of the sprint.
It's a good way to get a focused task done (though some sprints are more general and some are more focused).
Participants can get their questions answered immediately instead of waiting for an answer in an issue queue.
Participants can learn from each other.

The goal of this sprint is to work on Drupal 8 issue queues and create a working software.

Who can attend?
There is no participation fee. Anyone who has worked in building a website in Drupal is welcomed. You just have to bring your laptop.

When and where?
On the 17th of October 2015, from 10:00 AM, at Cluj Hub (19, Pitesti Street, Cluj-Napoca).

We plan to hang out together all day long, but don’t worry, we will have coffee, juice, pizza and more, for everyone.

You can register on Drupal.org or on Facebook.  
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