What's new in Titanium 5.0

12 Nov
A new version has arrived and it brought a lot of new features to the table. Here are the highlights for iOS and Android:


-Force Touch
    You can now develop that new feature everyone is talking about. There's a pretty good documentation on how to use it and also a demo app. [1]

- WatchOS 2 Connectivity
You can now build communicate with your iPhone using the Apple Watch. As far as I've understood, this does not mean Titanium has enabled development for the Watch, just that you can use action buttons from your watch to do stuff on your phone. Still a pretty cool feature.

- App Search
Along with iOS 9, apps can now have their content searchable from the home screen. The new version of Titanium is now enabled for this feature.

- App Handoff
This feature is not iOS 9 specific, but you can now sync apps between multiple platforms using Titanium.

- You can finally change the colors of the Activity Indicator!


- Action Bar
You finally have options to choose whether you want the Action Bar or not, without that much of a hassle.

- Material Design
I'm not sure this is the first step they've made in this direction, or I'm a little bit behind, but you now have the option to Elevate an element, which is one of the features of Material Design.

- Notification Icons
There's now an option to choose the big icon for the app's notifications.

I'm glad that Appcelerator doesn't sit on its ears and is always working to bring the latest features into their platform. Thanks for reading, I'm going to test some of these features out now.
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