Why does your business need a mobile app?

15 Dec
I just skimmed through this blog and realized that there are no arguments why you should have a mobile app. We just talk about what tools we are using and best coding practices. 

So here's why having a native app is important.

1. Customer Engagement
Having a different channel for your customers is a win-win situation. You can now get in direct contact with them through your app. Whether it's for customer support, offering a deal or announcing something about your company.

2. Build brand recognition
Stand out from your competition. Show your users that you do everything you can for their experience to be flawless. An example for your app to fully use the capabilities of a smartphone: save you content offline. Doesn't matter if it's a shop, blog or anything else, you can save your content on the users device for him to view at anytime. When going back online you can update your content, complete the order that was made and so on. 

3. Promotion
Take advantage of the smartphone and use it for your benefit. You know the user's location, so you can get more specific with your promotion messages. Use their camera to post something interesting on your platform or talk with your marketing team to use it in an unique way.

Nobody ever complained that their mobile app is not helping them in their business. You have the most personalized interaction you could hope for, with the user giving full attention to your content. Get in the game. You won't regret it.
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