New project in our folio: Alinea customer portal

20 Jan
Egmont’s educational publisher, Alinea, is the leading publisher from Denmark of educational resources for primary and secondary schools. Beside the traditional education materials, Alinea has an array of digital resources, such as digital teaching resources, combined workbooks, textbooks, electronic boards, digital books, etc.
It’s goal is to deliver the best educational resources for professionals, working with all ages groups on all platforms.

We gladly accepted the challenge when they proposed us to rebuild their website. We also followed our goal, to build a website using the latest technologies, with the highest standards and precision, respecting the client’s specifications and give him the best solutions.

Using the domain module, we have created a platform with multiple domains connected to a single customer portal where the users can buy and check their purchased  products.  

The website has lots of custom functionality: messaging system, custom content and profiling system, etc. and it can be fully managed and moderated by the site owners.

For more details about this project please visit our portfolio.
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