How it works - Context Module

02 Feb

Context allows you to manage different sections of your site based on different Conditions and Reactions, this modules acts like a rule if Conditions are respcted then the Reactions will be triggered.

Step 1 - Install the required modules

There are two modules required for Context to work.

Afterward activate the Context UI module to have the interface available.

Step 2 - Create your own context

  • Click on Structure and then on Context
  • Click on Add
  • Add.png
Name the Context
Add it`s Tag and Description

Step 3 - Configure Conditions (IF) and Reactions (THEN)

In the conditions part you can choose any of the conditions that the Context module offers:

And in the Reactions part you can choose:


From here you can juggle with any of these Conditions and Reactions. For example you want to display a block on a certain page Region .

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