Why maintenance is important for your web project?

29 Mar
      Maintenance of a web application is part of the system development life cycle, and a lot of product owners ignore it. If you think that the hosting company is taking care about that part… Well, I’m sorry to tell you, they don’t.

      The hosting company takes care of your back-ups and side server updates.
Drupal is an open source platform, very powerful, flexible where thousands of programmers contribute and extend the functionalities. Drupal is safe and the security team is always checking and releasing security updates for core and contributed modules. It is important to keep your Drupal site up to date with all the latest updates.  

      The Drupal security team is in charge with the security of the Drupal platform and to notify people about security updates on drupal.org. “The security team coordinates security announcements in release cycles and evaluates whether security issues are ready for release several days in advance.” “The security team works with Drupal core and module maintainers.” 1
       It does not matter if you have a small or a big project, on the internet there are a lot of spam robots that are trying to crack your website. Once a new security notification is released the hackers scan the web to check for that vulnerability and try to crack websites. If your website is not updated you can be a victim of a hack. For example in 15 October 2014 a “highly critical bug was discovered by the security team. Anyone who did not take action within seven hours of the bug being discovered should proceed under the assumption that their site was compromised.” 2

      When your business grows your risk of attacks grows and that is why you need to have your project up-to-date.
      Nowadays, time is money and you don’t have the time to check and update your project when a new release is available. That is why AG Prime has to offer you different packages for maintenance on regular bases so you will know that your website is up to date and secure at the same time. Get in touch with us and we will accelerate your success, safety and secure!

      Did you know that the latest Drupal Core update has been published in 15 Of June 2016?

Drupal 7.44: - Drupal Core - Critical - Multiple Vulnerabilities
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