My experience as a Front-End Developer at AG Prime

30 Mar

Sergiu Godri - Front-End Developer

“Front End” defines components that together provides the User Interface of any website or web application, while the “Front End Developer” is the person who must merge this components in such a way that they work properly with each other, respect the design guide lines and looks good on any device that the user may have.

“Front End” is basically everything that you see, touch or click on the internet. It`s the bridge that links together the art of a “Web Designer” with the logic and functional programming of a “Back End Developer”.

The three main elements that create the user experience are a markup language that creates the structure, the placement of all the page components, a style sheet that gives those components their design and a scripting language that brings the page to life.

We are living in a fast moving world pushed by rapid evolving technologies, and web development is right there on top. So keeping up with latest trends and solutions in this domain is the best way to ensure the quality level and meet the demand of an ever growing standard.

Words like “framework”, “compiler”, “script”, “libraries” or “optimization” are part of an usual “Front End Developers” day.

Speaking of a usual “Front End Developers” day, this almost always starts with a cup of hot coffee, checking the changes that may occur on the projects workflow (bugs, improvements, tasks) and continuing with the daily scrum meeting. This Agile methodology really helps, tracking your progress through the development phase, making reports painless and keeping you focused.

Biggest part of the day is the actual code writing in which the developer and the IDE editor are best friends. Other essential knowledge for a “Front End Developer” is a good understanding of a code versioning system like GIT and to know his way around an image editor like Photoshop, GIMP or Sketch and a vector based editor like Illustrator.

Here at AG Prime, most projects are CMS based on Drupal or WordPress, so beside the obvious Bootstrap, jQuery or LESS frameworks and libraries a good understanding of CMS know-how is good to have. Responsive behavior is another big part of a “Front End Developers” job. Making sure the application runs smoothly on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or TV is a daily routine in every modern project.

As a “Front End Developer” having a good and unified team is essential. Choosing the correct path for a well done project is not a one man job.

It`s a beautiful and satisfying profession to create something that thousands or even millions of people will see and use on a daily basis. Surrounded by empowering and smart people is an environment to grow and become proficient in this future proof profession of web developing.

AG Prime is looking for new Front-End Developers and if you are interested to join our team, you can send your CV here www.ag-prime.com/jobs.

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