Drupal Global Training Days

02 Jun

Drupal Global Training Days was an initiative of the Drupal Association with the purpose of introducing new and beginning users to Drupal.
Drupal Global Training Days took place in Cluj-Napoca and was organized by AG Prime on 31st of May 2014.
The participants had the chance to take part in an all day long workshop, where they learned how to build a website from scratch using Drupal.
During the day, the participant were introduced in the following:
- Drupal terminology
- Drupal basic functionalities
- Using Fields, Views, Panels, Flag and other important modules
- Creating different types of content
- Managing users, roles, permissions
- Installation profiles
- Themes and Subthemes architecture - Responsive design
It was great to meet so many Drupal enthusiasts, with whom we could share our ideas and experience. 

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