Participation at "Crosul Companiilor" running competition

19 Sep

On the 21st of September 2014 AG Prime participates for the second time in the “Crosul Companiilor” running competition in Cluj-Napoca.

This event is dedicated to companies and their employees, and it promotes a healthy lifestyle. It consists in running a route of 1.7 km which must be covered 3 times by each participant.  

This year, the total number of participants reaches 800, with 450 teams competing in the team category.This competition is ideal for the expression of values such as responsibility, team spirit, fairness and competitiveness.

We encourage our colleagues to participate in this race because it’s a great opportunity to strengthen links between colleagues, both between those who run, and those who support them.

Marton Tibor, our colleague said: “I am attending this competition for the second time. I started training this spring. Every day I bike to work, and during weekends I often jog. I think that my team mates and I are fully prepared for this race, and we’ll do our best to win.”  

Our firm is represented by two teams: “Sprintfire” and “Fuga de politie”.

Good luck to our colleagues!

Pictures coming soon….

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