Impressions from DrupalCon Amsterdam

14 Oct

DrupalCon Amsterdam is over and our colleagues have returned home, inspired by the new experiences. Here are some impressions and reviews about this year's con:

"Good engineering can lead to great beauty. This is how we can summarize our amazing experience at the Drupal Con Amsterdam 2014. We can truly say that the DrupalCon team did an outstanding job of ensuring that we got to enjoy the beauty of both Drupal and Amsterdam, one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.

Starting with the charismatic speeches of the keynote speakers Dries Buytaert (Drupal Project Founder) and Cory Doctorow (activist and journalist) and continuing throughout the week in the various sessions we attended, we were given the opportunity to dive deep into the world of Drupal’s most recent achievements. There were over 100 sessions featuring some new content types, including labs, case studies, coding and development, frontend, site building or PHP.

There were so many interesting topics that it was really hard to make up one’s mind about which one to attend. We chose the Drupal 8 sessions, but also some of those related to PHP and API. Some of the most interesting presentations were: Drupal 8 Media (Dave Reid, Janez Urevc), New Wave PHP (Lorna Jane Mitchell), Building a Multilingual Drupal Site (Dagmar Muth, Urs Bucher), Field API is dead. Long live Entity Field API! (Andrei Mateescu, Yves Chedemois, Kristoff de Jaeger) to mention just a few.

There was no better way to end this week filled with events than the Contribution Sprints which provided us with a very good insight into how we could create the same experience when we organize our local Drupal Conferences.

All in all, it was a great event which taught us a lot of new things, gave us a lot of new and practical ideas, helped us interact with specialists in the field from different countries and last, but not least, offered us the opportunity of visiting an amazing city, one of the best planned cities in Europe – extremely walkable, bikable and enjoyable- Amsterdam.

See you next year at the Drupal Con in Barcelona!"


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