Autumn Testing Camp

01 Oct

During an extended weekend in September, our colleagues responsible for quality assurance participated in the Autumn Camp event organized by Tabara de Testare.

The event took place from the 26th to 28th September at Pensiunea Carpathia, in the heart of the Apuseni mountains, and was designed to be an intensive three day course in software testing.

Tabara de Testare, the organizer, is a community comprised of testers and other professionals in the IT industry.  The aim of this community is to share knowledge, learn from various professional experiences and improve testing practices through informal meetings.

Autumn Camp is an event that is organized once a year. It is a great opportunity for testers to stay up to date with the latest tools and practices, and to improve their abilities in sessions coordinated by professionals with long standing experience.

The topics covered during the weekend varied from back to basics topics, such as methodologies used and how they affect testing, to performance testing.

Apart from gaining knowledge, Autumn Camp is a platform for networking and building stronger ties with the testing community.


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