The balance of a dynamic year and the prospects of a productive future

30 Dec

2014 was, for us as managers, but also for AG Prime, the year of maturation.

In 2013 we had a very fast growth, going from a small company with less then 15 people to a company with great prospects and over 20 employees.

For us, as managers, this transition was slightly difficult because there were moments when we felt the need to learn from more experienced professionals. Now, we are happy to have found the right people at the right time. We would like to thank Amalia and all the other great people that helped us move forward, that helped us organize all our great ideas and implement other brilliant ideas, that have already proven to be efficient.

What we learned this year:

  • in business we need to take greater chances based on the trust we have in the strength of our team
  • we need to very seriously plan ahead
  • we have to set our own objectives and strategies
  • we have to clearly communicate our expectations to our team
  • people need productive rules
  • we need a good network and we need to learn how to build it
  • good organization is the key to a great team


What we want for the future:

  • to focus on our objectives
  • to be more productive
  • to have key people in our team
  • to have one of the best teams
  • to use the best technologies
  • to work on great projects
  • to work with/for cool people
  • to learn more and more
  • to share what we learn
  • we have a great business plan and we want to make it happen
  • to make good money :)), because, you know the rule: "if you take big risk it has to be worth it"

So we would like to wish you what we wish for us: The best year ever!

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