New Drupal Commerce project

26 Jan

Our portfolio has gained a new Drupal project.

The challenge consisted in transferring a website created in Magento to Drupal Commerce, with all its customers and products (carpets, curtains and other decorations).

The client requested a new user interface that would improve user experience, by easing access to requested products through using different filters (for size, color, price, manufacturer, material, availability and shape).   

Our solution was a Drupal Commerce website with an integrated stock management system which synchronizes the website’s stock with the accounting platform. This means that when an invoice is issued for an item the associated stock for the product will automatically be decreased. This information update allows the user to see in real time the availability of the items.   

The products are divided in five main categories (room, children, kitchen, bathroom, hallway) which are divided into subcategories. In deciding which is the desired product, the client can use the compare functionality that allows the comparison of items side-by-side on relevant criteria.

The users can place orders whether they are authenticated or not. One of the following payment method can be chosen: on delivery, online with credit/debit card or paypal, or bank transfer. In order to assist customers with information, regarding products, purchase, delivery, live support via Livezilla and Skype is available. 

The website blog hosts articles written by the company specialists on topics such as tips and advice about carpet care, measurements you need to take if you want to buy a curtain, etc. Visitors and customers cand also subscribe to the company’s newsletter.

We take pride in our work and everything we create is executed with precision, creativity and uncompromising quality, but the real success is shown in client satisfaction.   

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