The Appcelerator Platform and its advantages

30 Jul
As you may know if you're using Titanium Studio, on 30 of June 2015, the software was shut down.[1] But no worries, it's for the best since a new IDE steals the show and that's Appcelerator Studio.[2]

It looks the same as the one previously mentioned, but it has some major improvements. One of them is that it offers code analysis to help you write better code. Another improvement is that it offers real-time mobile analytics, and this makes me talk about another improvement, which is the web dashboard when you log in. You have all kind of statistics there right off the bat with total installs of your apps, how many sessions they were in during the last week and several other cool data.

There are more advantages when working with Appcelerator Studio, but I really just want to mention the best one. It's called LiveView and as you may have guessed, it offers real-time layout modifications to your build. This is great since you needed to wait a lot for another build just see if you moved the pixels correctly.

This new upgrade also comes with a MBaaS, called Arrow, where you can create models, get an already made function for them, and use the code in your app. This is a big step, as you don't need to use a 3rd party software for your API anymore. Arrow is more than you need since it even offers geo-location, photo storage and authentification without installing anything.

As you can see, I've not mentioned any disadvantages yet and for good reason: I don't have any. It's the next logical step forward, getting your past projects added in Appcelerator Studio is a three click process. And if you're used to the old, you're right at home if you don't like new stuff. Go and use it. It's worth it.
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