Assistant Manager? It's easy if you do it smart.

12 May

“We live our lives. We dare to be the best. We care about our people.”


We live our lives.

Current Assistant Manager: Nice to meet you, I’m Emoke and I would like to describe myself as a determined, highly motivated, positive and a problem solver person. These are the main qualities an assistant manager need to possess.   

Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  This is how I feel. I wake up every morning, and I know that my day is going to be full of challenges, fun and I will learn new things.

Being an assistant manager is not an easy job, it requires lots of skills, but it’s one of the most challenging and interesting jobs I know. You always have to be up to date with the latest labor laws, you have to maintain a positive relationship with your colleagues, clients and suppliers and you have to always transmit positive energy to everybody.  

Of course, my main duty is to assist the manager in the daily operations, but I am also there if one of my colleagues need help, that’s why it's important to be a team player.

Attention to details is very important, especially when you are in charge to organize a company event, issue an invoice or prepare the necessary monthly documents for the accounting firm.

We organize team buildings annually. Can you imagine how many things do you need for that? Well a big part of the preparation comes to me.

The best thing about working at Angee Prime is that you are treated as a family member, your ambitions and dreams are supported and you feel appreciated.

There are lots of more things in my job description, but I will challenge you to come and discover them.

Have you got the ambition to be the next assistant manager at Angee Prime?

Some of our most important principles are:
  • Free will and self choices
  • Self confidence in your true value
  • Sustain your team so team will sustain you
  • There is no hierarchy, we all are colleagues
  • We are a team but every member is unique
We dare to be the best.
Our company is Romanian-Dutch and one of the most trusted web development supplier in the region.  With over 8 years of delivering the latest technology to our clients all over the world, we are among the first adopters of Drupal in the region. We do appreciate innovative ideas and competitive spirits during our work. We build scalable and flexible web solutions, we take great pride in our work and everything we create is executed with precision and love.
We are a young team and our member are passionately about what they are doing at work and helps where is necessary. We value our teamwork, we are respecting each other and we share ideas. We have a dynamic team and we grow together in time. But above all we show trust!
We care about our people.
Required skills and our point of view for an ideal candidate:
  • Excellent word processing and IT skills (Windows, Linux, MS Office, accounting software)
  • Knowledge in primary accounting and knowledge of labor laws
  • Knowledge in human resources management
  • Event planning skills
  • Foreign language - medium/advanced written and speaking english skills
  • Focused and distributed attention              
  • Initiative and Efficient communication                   
  • Emotional balance and Stress resistance     
  • Positive attitude and Capacity to work with people  
As necessary skills we would like you to have:
  • Attention to details
  • Knowledge on planning different activities
  • Adaptability, ambition
  • Responsibility, confidence     
  • Intelligence (logical thinking, memory)
  • Inform and help others with positive attitude and kindness
Responsibilities as Assistant Manager at AG Prime:
  • Prepare and write documents and reports requested by the management (contracts, requests, different reports, etc.)
Human Resources
  • Takes part of the personnel recruitment process
  • Maintains a cooperative relationship with the colleagues by
  • Ensures the protocol in the company
  • Maintains the relations and communicates with the suppliers of the company
  • Participates and helps organizing of the company’s events
  • Adds and edits online content
  • Keeps the confidentiality of the information and documents related to the firm.     
AG Prime offers you benefits and here you can see a part of them:
  • Opportunity for professional development in a dynamic environment;
  • An environment where you feel appreciated and where expressing your ideas is encouraged;
  • Excursions and activities to have fun and get to know each other;
  • Attractive salary.
Think about it. Visit our website for more details and if you do have questions do not hesitate to write or call us!


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