Why does your business need a mobile app?

15 Dec
I just skimmed through this blog and realized that there are no arguments why you should have a mobile app. We just talk about what tools we are using and best coding practices. 

So here's why having a native app is important.

1. Customer Engagement
Having a different channel for your customers is a win-win situation. You can now get in direct contact with them through your app. Whether it's for customer support, offering a deal or announcing something about your company.

2. Build brand recognition
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What's new in Titanium 5.0

12 Nov
A new version has arrived and it brought a lot of new features to the table. Here are the highlights for iOS and Android:


-Force Touch
    You can now develop that new feature everyone is talking about. There's a pretty good documentation on how to use it and also a demo app. [1]

- WatchOS 2 Connectivity
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How to create a custom Drush command?

10 Nov
Drush is a shell interface for managing Drupal right from your server command line. It is a very useful tool as it helps you perform various admin tasks using just one or two commands in the terminal, replacing the need for many clicks and page refreshes in the UI.  It comes by default with a bunch of useful commands, such as downloading, enabling or even updating modules.
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Drupal 8.0.0. Release date announced

30 Oct

We are proud to announce that Drupal, the software we love and build with so much passion has announced it's release date for the major version 8.x. This will happen on November 19'th. "Based on our experience with our successful release candidates, we are confident to announce that Drupal 8.0.0 will be released on November 19, 2015! Until then, we will continue publishing Drupal 8 release candidates with the latest fixes.

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