Drupal 8.0.0-rc1 released

12 Oct
On 7th of October the first Drupal 8 Release Candidate was released.

What does it mean?
The first release candidate for a new version of Drupal is created once the number of critical bugs issues is reduced to zero. 
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Drupal 8 Code Sprint in Cluj-Napoca

08 Oct
This fall AG Prime, other tow companies from Cluj-Napoca and Romanian Drupal Association will be hosting the first Drupal 8 Code Sprint in Cluj-Napoca.

What is a sprint?
A sprint is a get-together of people involved in a project to further a focused development of the project.
Sprints are an important part of Drupal’s growth  and are also a great opportunity to get involved and others are there to help you contribute.
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Certified Scrum Product Owner Project Managers

30 Sep

We are proud to announce that AG Prime has two Project Managers that are Certified Scrum Product Owners: Gabriel Ungureanu and Radu Ghita.

Gabriel Ungureanu is the founder and CEO of the company. He is constantly developing his professional skills in order to be a good leader.

Ghita Radu started as a QA Tester, and after only one year of practice he became a Project Manager due to his communication, negotiation and technical skills.

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New project in our folio: Digital Citizen - IT&C news portal

28 Sep

Presentation websites are often creative and daring. But most beautiful projects, the proof of our evolution and our passionate work, are the projects that, for our clients, are the business itself : online shops, news portals, tourism agencies , property management , ticketing etc.  Digital Citizen is one such project.
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