Backing up Drupal database

20 Feb

Drupal can grow quite big in terms of database sizes. In a regular day, we often backup Drupal databases several times per day. There are many reasons we want to keep the size lower:

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My experience as a Front-End Developer at AG Prime

30 Mar

Sergiu Godri - Front-End Developer

“Front End” defines components that together provides the User Interface of any website or web application, while the “Front End Developer” is the person who must merge this components in such a way that they work properly with each other, respect the design guide lines and looks good on any device that the user may have.

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Drupal deployment strategy

18 Feb
When it comes to database deployments in a complex architecture, Drupal can become tricky. Let's consider the following scenario, 3 environments, each with it's own databse:
  • Development
  • Staging
  • Live

Code updates

That is a fairly simple task, you should use a versioning system, I personally prefer GIT. Define separate branches in your project, one for each environment and push to the specific branch when you wish to make a deployment.

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