How do we use the web?

22 May

Surfing the web is a becoming an increasingly bigger part of our lives. It is easy to forget that this is a new medium and assume that people will use it in the same way they use books or newspapers.

But as author Steve Krug reminds us in “Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability” (which I highly recommend), how we think people use Web sites and how they actually use them are two very different things.

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Importing and synchronizing products into a webshop from a stock management system

18 May
What is a stock management system?

It is a system that encapsulates all aspects of managing a company’s inventories, future stock price forecasting, physical stock, demand forecasting and much more.

How did we use it?

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New project in our folio: Content management software for media organizations

14 May
We have created a website for our client who sells software-based solutions that enable media organizations to edit their content more easily.
Our main purpose was that the website is fully manageable by the administrators, and that’s why we built the application with Drupal and implemented it by using Panels. This way, the admin can move the blocks around and add articles and tutorials.

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Drupal Views Handler integration with Views Aggregator

05 May
Drupal Views Handler allows you to bring data from other database tables without needing a relationship. In this article we will build a handler that counts a query result that afterwards will be integrated with Views Aggregation to obtain a total.

In order to build a View Handler, first you need to build a custom module. Into the .info file you should add the following.

In the example.module the hook_views_api() must be added.
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