Android Units - Difference between Screen Measuring Units

28 Apr
Measuring units. You'd think there's just one. Well, think again!

Here's a list showing you all of them:

-     in
    Full Name: inches
    Description: Takes into consideration the physical screen of the device

-    dp || dpi
    Full Name: Density Independent Pixel
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The mind and website usability

22 Apr
Taking into account how the human mind functions is important to all businesses. Knowledge about the human mind allows businesses to make predictions about client preferences and behavior and tailor their products and services accordingly. This sort of knowledge that can inform usability is especially important in the competitive world of websites.   
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New project in our folio: Website for a shopping mall

16 Apr
Our client wanted a website for a shopping mall that is easy to use for both shop owners and site visitors.

Following this main ideea, we created a website using Drupal and built it to contain a custom product management system that allows shop owners to manage their shop products themselves. The system also allows store owners to create promotions and events for their shop.

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Drupal Relation Module

06 Apr

Recently I started working with Drupal Relation module, which is quite an interesting module. 

What is Drupal Relation module?

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