New project in our folio: Alinea customer portal

20 Jan
Egmont’s educational publisher, Alinea, is the leading publisher from Denmark of educational resources for primary and secondary schools. Beside the traditional education materials, Alinea has an array of digital resources, such as digital teaching resources, combined workbooks, textbooks, electronic boards, digital books, etc.
It’s goal is to deliver the best educational resources for professionals, working with all ages groups on all platforms.

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New project in our folio: Digital Citizen - IT&C news portal

28 Sep

Presentation websites are often creative and daring. But most beautiful projects, the proof of our evolution and our passionate work, are the projects that, for our clients, are the business itself : online shops, news portals, tourism agencies , property management , ticketing etc.  Digital Citizen is one such project.
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New project in our folio: Website for the museums of the Babes-Bolyai University

16 Sep
The university asked us to create a website, providing us the design, where there are presented all its museums.

In order to ease the administrator’s job, we offered them a Drupal 7 solution, where all the content of the website can be editable from the admin panel.

Our priority was also that the website to be user friendly. That’s why we have created a static presentation page for each museum, so the user can choose which one he wants to visit.

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New project in our folio: Content management software for media organizations

14 May
We have created a website for our client who sells software-based solutions that enable media organizations to edit their content more easily.
Our main purpose was that the website is fully manageable by the administrators, and that’s why we built the application with Drupal and implemented it by using Panels. This way, the admin can move the blocks around and add articles and tutorials.

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New project in our folio: Website for a shopping mall

16 Apr
Our client wanted a website for a shopping mall that is easy to use for both shop owners and site visitors.

Following this main ideea, we created a website using Drupal and built it to contain a custom product management system that allows shop owners to manage their shop products themselves. The system also allows store owners to create promotions and events for their shop.

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Mobile application for Drupal Camp Cluj-Napoca 2015

12 Mar
We created a mobile solution for the Drupal event of the year in Romania, Drupal Camp Cluj-Napoca 2015. It was designed to help the attendees more easily find the event’s location, see the schedule, the speakers and read info about the event.

The app is available on both Android and iOS and it was created using the leading mobile development tool, Titanium.

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New project in our folio: Photo and video sharing service

24 Feb

Our client contacted us with an interesting project proposal: to create an online photo- and video-sharing, social networking service, where the users can view, post, dislike and comment on photos and videos, and that allows them to follow other users.
We have accepted the challenge and implemented a multilingual web application using Drupal. The user can login and view, dislike and comment on photos and videos posted by other users. The additional mobile app offers the possibility of uploading photos and videos to be shared with others.

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New mobile app in our folio

27 Jan

We are constantly expanding our projects portfolio.

We have recently launched a bright new mobile app, Juniorul Meu, available on both iOS and Android.

The client wanted this application for her personal blog, which was created with the idea of sharing experiences as a parent.

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New Drupal Commerce project

26 Jan

Our portfolio has gained a new Drupal project.

The challenge consisted in transferring a website created in Magento to Drupal Commerce, with all its customers and products (carpets, curtains and other decorations).

The client requested a new user interface that would improve user experience, by easing access to requested products through using different filters (for size, color, price, manufacturer, material, availability and shape).   

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