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Team building, too important to be left for others

11 Jul
The proper weather for getting out and having fun is here so let's talk about our approach on getting the team connected and how the things are working smoothly when all the members of the team are really knowing each other.

Is that so? The good employees are leaving the managers not the company?

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Teambuilding at Belis, June 2016

01 Jul

“In eight years of entrepreneurship I have learned that the only way to build a company with great success and scale is to build a great team.

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Teambuilding at Belis

28 Jul

Another year has passed, and we had our annual team building, this time in Belis, a small village in the Apuseni Mountains.

We were looking for a place that is away from the chaos of the city and that can be accessed by car, and we found the Sunset and Dawn guest houses.

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Teambuilding at Turda Gorges

15 Jul

Between the 12th and the 13th of July we organized a teambuilding at Turda Gorges, situated 15 km from Cluj-Napoca. 
Turda Gorges has one of the richest and most scenic karst landscapes in Romania.
More than 1000 plant and animal species (some of them rare or endangered, like the wild garlic or some species of eagle) live here.
After we set up our tents, we made some grilled pork meat, sausages, mushrooms.
After we ate, we sat around the campfire and told funny stories. We had a great time.

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