Backing up Drupal database

20 Feb

Drupal can grow quite big in terms of database sizes. In a regular day, we often backup Drupal databases several times per day. There are many reasons we want to keep the size lower:

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Drupal deployment strategy

18 Feb
When it comes to database deployments in a complex architecture, Drupal can become tricky. Let's consider the following scenario, 3 environments, each with it's own databse:
  • Development
  • Staging
  • Live

Code updates

That is a fairly simple task, you should use a versioning system, I personally prefer GIT. Define separate branches in your project, one for each environment and push to the specific branch when you wish to make a deployment.

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Why is Testing part of the development process?

04 May

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.”

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Why does your business need a mobile app?

15 Dec
I just skimmed through this blog and realized that there are no arguments why you should have a mobile app. We just talk about what tools we are using and best coding practices. 

So here's why having a native app is important.

1. Customer Engagement
Having a different channel for your customers is a win-win situation. You can now get in direct contact with them through your app. Whether it's for customer support, offering a deal or announcing something about your company.

2. Build brand recognition
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What's new in Titanium 5.0

12 Nov
A new version has arrived and it brought a lot of new features to the table. Here are the highlights for iOS and Android:


-Force Touch
    You can now develop that new feature everyone is talking about. There's a pretty good documentation on how to use it and also a demo app. [1]

- WatchOS 2 Connectivity
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Titanium Modules You Should Consider Using In Your Next Project

31 Aug
If you're building your next project, there are some already known steps you need to climb. This is a post that can be used after you've had your client talk, contracts made, sketches done, and even the mock-ups created. You're now in the implementation mode with a blank project file staring at you.

Here's a list of modules you should take a look at. It will save you some precious time if you use them:

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The Appcelerator Platform and its advantages

30 Jul
As you may know if you're using Titanium Studio, on 30 of June 2015, the software was shut down.[1] But no worries, it's for the best since a new IDE steals the show and that's Appcelerator Studio.[2]

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Usability for e-commerce websites

22 Jul

For an e-commerce website to work well, it must be functional, search engine friendly and user friendly. That is the case for all websites, you might say. Is there anything special when it comes to e-commerce sites?

For one, because the revenue of your business depends directly on how well your site works, the stakes are higher. Also, there are particular aspects that you need to take care of and that will impact your conversion rate.

Navigation should be simple

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The User Experience You've Missed

03 Jul
You've just finished an app. All the functionality and layout is implemented, but something is off. Something's missing. You don't have the same feel as the other apps out there. You're looking to improve your app, but don't know what to do next. Try improving your UX, by adding transitions, animations and more.

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64-bit Support in iOS for Titanium

26 May
If you're building an app in Titanium chances are your app is not 64-bit supported, which means that you cannot publish your beloved app in the AppStore.

There are two things you need to do in order to make it work:
  • Update your Titanium SDK.
Your SDK needs to be at least 3.5.0 in order to make your build 64-bit compatible. This was the easy fix.
  • Update your modules.
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