Front-end Developer

Ideal Candidate:


  • Knowledge of the semantic meaning of all HTML elements;;
  • Familiarity with the semantic markup for display of lists, tabular data, forms, articles, etc;
  • Knowledge at the level to be able to hand-code markup;
  • Knowledge of SEO best practices / page structure.



  • ​​Specifying different CSS for various media, devices and displays;
  • Best practices in CSS file organization and structure;
  • Methods for including CSS inline, internal and external via linked style sheets;
  • How to define, combine and group CSS selectors for HTML elements, ID, classes, pseudo classes, child or sibling;
  • Syntax of CSS declarations, properties and attributes;
  • CSS box model and methods for CSS layouts (grid and flex layouts);
  • Knowledge of properties and attributes to control the display;
  • Proficient with a CSS Preprocessor such as SASS / SCSS / LESS;



  • Libraries and plugin know-hows
  • Knowledge of the operators, variables, data types, objects, properties and methods;
  • Familiarity with control structures such as objects, functions, conditional statements, arrays, loops and expressions;
  • Forms and regular expression validation and submitting data;
  • Knowledge of how to apply logical operators and conditional statements;
  • Knowledge of the DOM HTML objects and their properties;
  • Basic knowledge of REACT, ANGULAR or VUE libraries.


Good to have

  • Basic knowledge of how a grid system works;
  • Basic knowledge of a task runner (Gulp, Grunt, Compass etc);
  • Good command of a versioning system (Git, GitLab etc);
  • Basic knowledge of photo editors (Photoshop, Sketch) and design platforms (Adobe XD, Figma, Invision).


Extra skills required for more advanced positions:

  • AJAX
  • Bootstrap
  • Drupal
  • Wordpress



  • Implement templates from the design team;
  • The templates must respect the latest UI principles;
  • Good and productive collaboration with designers and back-end developers;
  • Use the internal workflow of the company;


AG Prime offers you:

  • Attractive salary and on project bonuses;
  • Possibility to learn advanced software development methodologies;
  • Opportunity for professional development in a young and dynamic environment;
  • Study time during working hours;
  • Possibility to get specialized in the field;
  • Participation in national and international events;
  • Excursions and activities to have fun and get to know each other;
  • An environment where you feel appreciated and where expressing your ideas is encouraged;


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