Fast Food chain

Fast food chain Drupal website

Fast Food chain

Drupal Web Development
  • Drupal
  • HTML 5
  • jQuery

The request:

A single page website to present the unique brands and services of a fast food chain.

The Drupal solution:

This Drupal website was created according  to the client's request using a single page design. The content of the site is divided into logical chunks and sections that are all part of the homepage. The use of navigational menu links to scroll between the sections of the site will help visitors easily find the information they are searching for. The sections of the website work seamlessly together and offer visitors a more fluid user experience.
All regions of the website have the same header and footer sections amplifying the impression of clearly defined content. The header contains the menu links that lead to each section of the site, and from the footer region the user can have access to the company's newsletter and social media accounts (facebook, youtube channel, twitter, and instagram).
The website contains features such as three different slideshows to showcase the brands and their products, an embedded presentation video in the "about us" section.
In the brand presentation region, each brand logo links to a custom built colorbox (a jQuery lightbox), containing information about the brand (eg: Menu, Location, Photo gallery, etc.).
The user has the possibility to get to know the company's  administrative team. Bellow the photo of each member is their name and title, clicking the photo or the name will slide in a description of that person.
The visitor can also access the latest news, that are designed with slide in transitions.
In the contact section, the visitor can fill out three different forms according to their needs (general information, career or business purposes). The three forms are contained in different tabs of the same webform .
Our team created an equivalent mobile version that has the same functionalities.

  • newsletter
  • multiple slideshows
  • custom colorbox
  • page scroll animations