Online books shop

drupal online books shop

Online books shop

Drupal Web Development
Pioro Editions
  • Drupal commerce
  • HTML 5
  • jQuery
  • Paypal

The request:

The client wanted an online shop where books for children could be sold.

The Drupal solution:

Our team created a Drupal online shop where the admin can add and remove products. On this Drupal website, the products can be added to the cart and the user can continue shopping or he can finalize the order. The user can pay via Paypal, Visa or Mastercard. Once the order is submitted, the client receives a thank you for shopping mail and the invoice in pdf format, attached to the mail.

The "about us" section appears in a colorbox on the front page. The products on the front page are exposed as a carousel. Beside the products the user can also see a news section and a contact us form.

  • newsletter
  • the images can be downloaded in pdf format
  • contact form
  • multiple slideshows
  • colorbox
  • online payment