Phone Numbers Management System

Drupal online shop and custom PHP solutions for Phone Numbers Management System

Phone Numbers Management System

Drupal Web Development
  • Drupal
  • HTML 5
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP

The request:
The client wanted a website that was designed for selling phone numbers (service numbers, local numbers and international numbers) and presenting articles.
The solution:
A Drupal website was built with the focus of offering clients information about different types of phone numbers in a simple but attractive way. This Drupal website consists of an online shop where clients can search for telephone numbers by digits or letters and buy them. The articles posted on the website offer visitors complete information regarding every option that is avaliable to you as owner of a number. If the users wish to receive further news and information they can subscribe to the company's newsletter.
The request:
The client requested a website where the owner of a phone number could have acces to the statistics of their activity, could visualize the invoices for their number and select different options for phone calls and for services like sending SMS messages.
The solution:
A custom PHP website interface that displays the statistics for the activity of every phone number owned by a specific client. Users can login on the website through social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin). Our team created a login possibility where a visitor can log in as a demo user so that the visitor can experience the environment as a normal user. For this fucntionality out team used dummy data. As owner of a phone number you can set different options for that number, you can view your invoices and download them, and even listen to all the calls that were made from that paticular number, if you have selected this option. Stats for a number can be displayed for specific dates and time intervals. Another feature allows users to send SMS messages in real time or schedule them at a specific time.
The request:
The client requested the following functionality: owners of phone numbers that have associated extensions should be able to give their users the possibility to change the availability of the extensions of those numbers.

The solution:
Our team created a website where a user could log in with an extension and password, and change their status (available, not available, pause). When logged in, they could see the stats of that extension and could select the date intervals they wamted the statistics to be displayed for.
All these websites are responsive, so that the user can manage their phone numbers from desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

  • number search
  • online shop
  • multiple slideshows on different pages
  • custom admin panel
  • newsletter
  • call recording
  • send sms