Recycling Solution

recycling Drupal and mobile application

Recycling Solution

Drupal Web Development
Mobile App Development
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Drupal
  • Geolocation
  • HTML 5
  • jQuery
  • PDF creator
  • PHP
  • Printing over wireless
  • Titanium

The request:
A website and a mobile application for an innovative recycling solution, a vending machine that accepts empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans in exchange for rewards. If the user places the empty container in the vending machine, they can collect a coupon and redeem it for rewards.


The Drupal solution:

The Drupal website was designed as a one page website that is divided into five regions where the company, the location of the vending machines and contact information are presented.

Google Maps is integrated and it has a take-me-there function, so the user can easily find the location of the nearest vending machine.

Users can create accounts and sign in. When authenticated, the users can enter their codes and redeem different items using points.

The website includes services API and custom services for mobile application.

The Titanium solution:

The mobile application was created using the Titanium framework and was designed to be user friendly. Therefore, it guides the users through the process of redeeming the codes received from the vending machines. This way, the risk of misplacing the codes is reduced, and overall, the user experience is improved.

After creating an account and signing in, the user has the possibility to select their favorite tree type from the 6 available tree types. Based on statistics regarding the number of bottles they have recycled so far, the user will be able to actually see how many trees of that type were saved. 

The mobile application allows the users to manage their account and points without the need of a browser. On the “Add Points” page there are two possibilities of entering points: writing the code manually or using the barcode scanner integrated into the application. By scanning the barcodes of the point tickets collected from the vending machine human typing mistakes are eliminated.  
If the submitted code is valid, the number of points the code is worth is displayed. The user can check what percent of their favorite tree has been saved by the recycled bottles and cans. If the code is invalid or has already been used, the user will be notified.
On the “Redeem Points” page the collected points can be redeemed against an array of gifts according to the user's location. A voucher will be generated for the selected items and the equivalent points will be subtracted from the account. The mobile application displays the location of the nearest vending machines and offers directions to get there.


  • Reset password
  • Call/email
  • Register button
  • Login button
  • Logout button
  • Scan Barcode button (includes turning flash on/off button)
  • Send Serial button
  • Settings
  • Gift page (list of all gifts the user can redeem)
  • Voucher list page (list of all gifts the user bought)
  • Voucher page (details about the voucher)
  • Send voucher by email button
  • Print voucher (iOS only)
  • Location list (all machines)