Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

Drupal Web Development
  • Drupal
  • HTML 5
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP

The request:

The client wanted a website for a shopping mall. He asked for ease of use for shop owners and for a tailored experience for regular site visitors. The content needed to be made readily available, offering ease of acces to shops, brands, products and promotions based on user needs.    


The Drupal solution:

With ease of use in mind, for both shop owners and visitors, the website was built to contain a custom product management system that includes a moderation system and allows shop owners to manage their shop products by themselves. Special categories for products were created, for example “Just In” for new products or “Hot Deals” for products that are on sale.

The system also allows store owners to create promotions and events for their shop. These can be used to promote a sale on a product or product range, to promote events that take place at the shop location, and so on. Promotion and event blocks are displayed in different sections of the site.

To help users navigate the shopping mall, and find the shops and brands they are looking for, an interactive map was created. The user can interact with the map, find the location of the store and read a short description. The user can also use the filtering option in the store locator to find specific stores or to search only for stores or restaurants that have ongoing sales.

The website includes a custom, multi-layered, profiling system, to deliver targeted content to specific users or user groups. The profiling system consists of two main parts:

  1. Profiling system based on navigation history - on each visitor's machine, the site will store a cookie where it will save data about the user navigation history on the site, and based on this information, specific content is displayed in the profiled blocks.

  2. Profiling system based on user preferences - each registered user has the possibility to define lists of favorite products, brands, shops, restaurants and so on, and based on these lists specific content is delivered to that user.

​The two parts of the profiling system work together, to bring the end user the best possible experience while navigating the site.


  • multilanguage

  • register and login by email or facebook

  • services, store, brand and product filtering

  • interactive map

  • management and moderation of content by shop owners

  • profiling system for users

  • tags system for products

  • contact forms

  • blog

  • social networks integration

  • newsletter subscription