Backing up Drupal database

20 Feb

Drupal can grow quite big in terms of database sizes. In a regular day, we often backup Drupal databases several times per day. There are many reasons we want to keep the size lower:

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#3 European Drupal Business Days Frankfurt, 18-20 May 2017

05 Apr


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Drupal deployment strategy

18 Feb
When it comes to database deployments in a complex architecture, Drupal can become tricky. Let's consider the following scenario, 3 environments, each with it's own databse:
  • Development
  • Staging
  • Live

Code updates

That is a fairly simple task, you should use a versioning system, I personally prefer GIT. Define separate branches in your project, one for each environment and push to the specific branch when you wish to make a deployment.

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Highly scalable applications, Performance first approach

27 Sep
Highly scalable, highly available, cloud, continuous integration. They are all buzz-words of the Internet age we are living. The reality is in a way or another your digital presence has to intersect with this technologies.
One thing we care most at AG Prime is the performance of your application. Studies reveal that every second counts. Based on the Kissmetrics infographic we can extract the following statistical data: 
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    Drupal Global Training Day 2016

    29 Aug
    Drupal Global Training Day is an initiative of the Drupal Association with the purpose of introducing new and beginning users to Drupal.

    The participants will take part at a workshop, where they will learn how to build a website from scratch using Drupal. They will learn the basics of Drupal and enter the amazing world of Drupal projects and will have the chance to meet the capacities of Drupal 8.

    AG Prime, Cluj-Napoca, Macului Street, no. 19-21.

    Saturday, 10th Of September, 10:00-16:00.
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    DrupalCamp Transylvania 2016

    04 Apr
    The 6th major Drupal event in Romania, Drupal Camp, will be organized this year in Targu-Mures. It is the second time when the Camp is held in this city, after the last one in 2015, that was organized in Cluj-Napoca, by AG Prime.

    DrupalCamp Transylvania will be taking place on the extended weekend of 8th - 10th Of April 2016 at Grand Hotel, in the heart of Targu-Mures.

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    Join us at “Targul de Cariere” in IT

    30 Mar

    AG Prime is attending this spring at “Targul de Cariere” in IT from Cluj-Napoca.

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    Why maintenance is important for your web project?

    29 Mar
          Maintenance of a web application is part of the system development life cycle, and a lot of product owners ignore it. If you think that the hosting company is taking care about that part… Well, I’m sorry to tell you, they don’t.

          The hosting company takes care of your back-ups and side server updates.
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    How it works - Context Module

    02 Feb

    Context allows you to manage different sections of your site based on different Conditions and Reactions, this modules acts like a rule if Conditions are respcted then the Reactions will be triggered.

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    New project in our folio: Alinea customer portal

    20 Jan
    Egmont’s educational publisher, Alinea, is the leading publisher from Denmark of educational resources for primary and secondary schools. Beside the traditional education materials, Alinea has an array of digital resources, such as digital teaching resources, combined workbooks, textbooks, electronic boards, digital books, etc.
    It’s goal is to deliver the best educational resources for professionals, working with all ages groups on all platforms.

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