Drupal Views Custom Filter Handler

02 Jun
As I wrote in the previous article where we've created a custom Views Field Handler, now it`s time to create a custom Filter Handler for Views. As for the field handler we will create a custom module which will include the following:

1. In the .info file we shoul add:

2. In the example.module the hook_views_api() must be added.

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How can your application integrate with external services?

25 May
Lately, we have been working on applications interacting with a large series of external services.
We've integrated with Paypal, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Fotolia, Winmentor. The list could continue, but that is not in the scope of this article.
I have recently noticed that many developers and product owners are a bit scared by the idea of interacting with external services in their application. The risks are many:
  • Service uptime, failover mechanism,
  • Owning your data,
  • API updates breaking your application,
  • Performance aspects,
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New project in our folio: Content management software for media organizations

14 May
We have created a website for our client who sells software-based solutions that enable media organizations to edit their content more easily.
Our main purpose was that the website is fully manageable by the administrators, and that’s why we built the application with Drupal and implemented it by using Panels. This way, the admin can move the blocks around and add articles and tutorials.

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Drupal Relation Module

06 Apr

Recently I started working with Drupal Relation module, which is quite an interesting module. 

What is Drupal Relation module?

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Drupal Camp Cluj-Napoca 2015 - review

18 Mar
Drupal Camp took place in Cluj-Napoca this year between the 14-15th of March.

This was the fifth major Drupal event in Romania after those held in Timisoara, Bucharest, Arad and Targu-Mures.

The purpose of the event was to bring people together from the IT industry who work with or want to learn more about the Drupal platform. Its overall goal was to connect local and regional communities to share their knowledge about this platform.

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Drupal Camp Cluj Presentation 2015 - Make your Drupal site perform, like an athlete

14 Mar

Drupal Camp Cluj took place in Cluj-Napoca in March 2015 at the Babeș-Bolyai University.
As part o the Drupal Camp schedule, I have presented the session "Make your Drupal site perform" and have attached the SlideShare presentation below. The presentation covers aspects from basic performance tips to how you can deliver content to thousands of users.

See the slideshare presentation:

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Mobile application for Drupal Camp Cluj-Napoca 2015

12 Mar
We created a mobile solution for the Drupal event of the year in Romania, Drupal Camp Cluj-Napoca 2015. It was designed to help the attendees more easily find the event’s location, see the schedule, the speakers and read info about the event.

The app is available on both Android and iOS and it was created using the leading mobile development tool, Titanium.

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How to fix code registry in Drupal 7

10 Mar

Almost all Drupal developers have encontered this issue when they were trying to move a module from one enviroment to another or when they copied the module folder into a wrong directory. 

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New project in our folio: Photo and video sharing service

24 Feb

Our client contacted us with an interesting project proposal: to create an online photo- and video-sharing, social networking service, where the users can view, post, dislike and comment on photos and videos, and that allows them to follow other users.
We have accepted the challenge and implemented a multilingual web application using Drupal. The user can login and view, dislike and comment on photos and videos posted by other users. The additional mobile app offers the possibility of uploading photos and videos to be shared with others.

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Drupal Camp Cluj 2015 - Sessions

18 Feb

Drupal Camp 2015 is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited.

There are already some great sessions lined up for everyone, no matter what their level of  Drupal experience is.

These sessions cover many aspects of Drupal: latest techniques, performance solutions and doing business, and are presented by speakers from all across Europe.

See the list of submitted sessions here.

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