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Android Units - Difference between Screen Measuring Units

28 Apr
Measuring units. You'd think there's just one. Well, think again!

Here's a list showing you all of them:

-     in
    Full Name: inches
    Description: Takes into consideration the physical screen of the device

-    dp || dpi
    Full Name: Density Independent Pixel
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Mobile application for Drupal Camp Cluj-Napoca 2015

12 Mar
We created a mobile solution for the Drupal event of the year in Romania, Drupal Camp Cluj-Napoca 2015. It was designed to help the attendees more easily find the event’s location, see the schedule, the speakers and read info about the event.

The app is available on both Android and iOS and it was created using the leading mobile development tool, Titanium.

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Mobile Monday & Pangea

24 Feb
Hello again! A new month has passed and as I've said in my last post, Mobile Monday happened.

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New project in our folio: Photo and video sharing service

24 Feb

Our client contacted us with an interesting project proposal: to create an online photo- and video-sharing, social networking service, where the users can view, post, dislike and comment on photos and videos, and that allows them to follow other users.
We have accepted the challenge and implemented a multilingual web application using Drupal. The user can login and view, dislike and comment on photos and videos posted by other users. The additional mobile app offers the possibility of uploading photos and videos to be shared with others.

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