Backing up Drupal database

20 Feb

Drupal can grow quite big in terms of database sizes. In a regular day, we often backup Drupal databases several times per day. There are many reasons we want to keep the size lower:

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Highly scalable applications, Performance first approach

27 Sep
Highly scalable, highly available, cloud, continuous integration. They are all buzz-words of the Internet age we are living. The reality is in a way or another your digital presence has to intersect with this technologies.
One thing we care most at AG Prime is the performance of your application. Studies reveal that every second counts. Based on the Kissmetrics infographic we can extract the following statistical data: 
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    Drupal Camp Cluj 2015 - Sessions

    18 Feb

    Drupal Camp 2015 is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited.

    There are already some great sessions lined up for everyone, no matter what their level of  Drupal experience is.

    These sessions cover many aspects of Drupal: latest techniques, performance solutions and doing business, and are presented by speakers from all across Europe.

    See the list of submitted sessions here.

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    Performance of your Drupal site

    14 Feb

    I will not go into very much general information, all the recent studies have shown that customer's behavior is directly related to your website's performance. You might run an E-commerce website, have a presentation website or a customer portal. In any of the previous situations, your customer is always going to trust your brand based on their online experience. 

    The user experience

    A visitor experience has multiple components. It includes at least the follwing:

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